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Shawn found CrossFit in 2005. At the time he was following CrossFit.com. He and a friend were doing the workouts in the local YMCA. He had been active in weightlifting, racquetball, ultimate frisbee as well as running. He has a passion for coaching. He has been coaching CrossFit for 5 years. He has a hunger for continuing his education and developing his skills. He has competed in many local CrossFit competitions, 5ks, Half Marathons, Full Marathons as well as an Olympic Triathlon.

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Kids
USAW Sports Performance

Morgan Rummel is our Head Coach here at DeSoto CrossFit. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and a CrossFit Kid Trainer. In addition to these, he has attended a range of CrossFit Specialty Course, including Gymnastics and Aerobic Capacity. Along with these CrossFit credentials, Morgan is a USA-Weightlifting certified Sports Performance Coach. He has also attended a number of other courses, seminars, workshops, and clinics, with a Ryan Moody, Diane Fu, Lester Ho, Darrell Michnowicz, CJ Martin, Charles Poliquin, Al Vermeil, John Broz, Derek Poundstone, Josh Bryant, Elijah “EZ” Muhammad, Mike McGoldrick, Mike Lee, Chris Hinshaw and Louie Simmons.

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
USAW Sports Performance

Joey has been involved in sports all his life while growing up. He comes from a varied background of sports from football, track, and karate. Joey has been doing Crossfit since 2009 after training at “GloboGyms” and wanted something different. Joey has been coaching since Feb 2010 when he received his Level 1 and joined the coaching staff at DeSoto Crossfit. Since then Joey has continued to persue training from Crossfit and other organizations to help develop athletes at DCF. Joey is also a Crossfit competitor competing for DeSoto Crossfit.
Joey’s favorite thing about Crossfit is that you don’t have to be the strongest or fastest, but have to be the best all-around athlete to be good. “You can walk in the box one day and have your ass handed to you and then the next you walk in and its right in your wheel-house… You just never know and that is the beauty of Crossfit”.Joey Ray’s Certifications
Crossfit-Level 1
Crossfit-Endurance Running
Crossfit-Olympic Lifting
Crossfit-Power Lifting
Crossfit- Strongman
Crossfit- Mobility Trainer
USAW Sports Coach
 Rachel started crossfit in 2014.  She was like so many moms out there.  She let work,  Mom’s Taxi, family and other obligations be her excuse for no exercise and poor diet.  In 2012 she decided enough was enough and started exercise classes at a local gym and counting calories.  After a move to Las Vegas, she found a personal trainer that introduced her to lifting heavy things.  She tried CrossFit in 2014 and was hooked.   She joined the DC family in Jan 2016.

She has completed a Tough Mudder, multiple 5Ks, Half and Full marathons.  She finds great joy in seeing others succeed in their fitness journey and decided to become a coach.  She has a desire to continue her coaching education and grow as a coach.  She has taken several CrossFit certificate courses and holds CF L1 and USAW Sports Performance Coach certification.
Oh,  and she has a enormous love of donuts!