We’ve had a long journey with our fair share of obstacles; each providing us with a valuable lesson and a chance to improve. We continue to learn and continue to thrive. This success would not be possible without our staff, who uphold our philosophy:

We believe that there is no such thing as mastery, only the pursuit of mastery. If you feel that you have mastered the basics, it’s time to start all over again, this time paying closer attention. Everything we do is infinitely refinable. This concept applies to everything in your life, not just in the gym.

We believe in leading by example. As staff, we are the example, not the exception. Effective leadership is based on influence not authority. The behavior that we want to see in our members, we demand from ourselves.

We believe in building relationships. For coaching to be effective, there must be a level of trust between the coach and the athlete. This trust can only be earned if the coach shows the athlete that they truly care.

We believe in changing lives. In order to really make a difference in people’s life, they must learn to be conscious of their movement. What they learn in the gym must carry over into their everyday life. This is where we can really have lasting impact on the lives our athletes.

We believe in developing character. How you do anything, is how you do everything. Every WOD is a chance for growth, whether this is in integrity, confidence or humility. These are characteristics that we value and reward. We must not only focus on moving well, but on doing everything to the best of our ability.

We believe in celebrating every athlete. For many of our members, the time they spend in the gym is the best part of their day. This is because to us, every athlete is valued, every conversation is important, every effort is recognized, and every achievement is celebrated, whether it is a first push-up or a first muscle-up.

We believe in cultivating a positive and welcoming community. Anyone who walks through the door is greeted with a smile, and when they leave, should have a smile on their face.

We believe in having fun. We believe that, to be effective in a long-term sense, exercise has to be enjoyable. It has to be creative. We are the segue into a more healthy, active life. That responsibility means introducing clients to new activities, making them comfortable and confident in any environment, and giving them attributes they can display with pride.

Above all, we believe in ourselves and our clients!


Come in and meet with one of our amazing coaches and we’ll help set you up for success.